Have you wanted to be more productive in the working day? Everyone gets that feeling of not having enough hours in the day and then wonder how other people get more done within that time. Now you can be that person by following these 4 easy steps to making your day more productive, even on a Monday!

1. Creating a realistic morning routine 

If you don’t already, get up early to make time for a healthy and fulfilling breakfast. You could even prepare your breakfast the night before to have that extra half an hour in bed.

Lay out or organise what you will be wearing to save that bit of time when deciding what to wear each morning.

2. Prioritise 

Even though it sounds simple, list everything that is needed to be accomplished in that day or week. And then prioritise in what is urgent and most important. This can also keep stress levels at a low as you are becoming more productive while getting the most important tasks completed.

Creating a list will also make sure things won’t get missed and stops multitasking. The danger of too much multi tasking can mean tasks will not be given 100% which could come back to haunt you. It’s also been proven multi tasking interrupts brain functions which then results in added stress and clouds thinking.

3. Reward achievements

A great motivation is a rewards system to reward yourself for doing great work in the time you originally planned. It’s important to realise what can be accomplished if you put your mind to it. Therefore reflecting on your day can help improve future productivity as well as gives the brain time to de-stress.

4. Take a Brake 

Focussing uses a lot of energy and if there’s concentration for log periods of time, this can also turn productive into unproductive due to mental fatigue. Therefore make sure breaks are planned into your list of things to be done in the day. You could even set yourself alarms for breaks to motivate your activities to be completed in a time as well as reminders to take a break.

Enjoy the rest of your productive day!