What to look for in a new office…

Whether you are a new business starting up or just fancy a fresh four walls, making sure you’re picking the right office space for your business is important. Factors to consider when looking for a new office include:


The location of any office speaks volumes about any business. After all, the first impressions any clients & employees are important. Therefore, choosing an office that has good transport links, a good choice of amenities and in an area with a promising reputation is vital for that first good impression. There is also a significant correlation between productivity of staff members and the relationship between where people live and where the business is located. This makes the transport links close to an office is more important as staff productivity is associated with their commute.

At The Offices, both locations 53 King Street and Barton Arcade offer various transport links in walking distance such as Salford, Victoria & Piccadilly train stations. Also, Metrolink tram lines run through all city centre Manchester stations.


Choosing a building that is secure with a manned reception also gives the impression of professionalism as well as knowing you and your clients are safe at work. At 53 King Street & Barton Arcade there are highly trained and professional receptionist who welcome and advise any guests keeping a controlled environment to The Offices.

Each location of The Offices has its own unique addition. 53 King Street has a Business Lounge which can be used for informal meetings, interviews, filming or even wine tasting. Barton Arcade features a Rooftop terrace which tenants can use for meetings or just the opportunity of working in a different space.


Making sure you have the correct amount of space in your office for your business is fundamental as it’s reported 70% of a worker’s time is spent in the office. Consequently, having the right size for the right amount of employees that are in the office will result in higher productivity and an overall better working environment for everyone.

At The offices, we have a variety of sizes available at King Street and Barton Arcade such as 2-3, 4, 6 and even a 12 person space. Photos of these can be seen in more detail on our website.


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